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    Feb 2013

    Couple More updates

    - Changed marking threads read to database rather than cookie based for increased response time.
    - Floodchecks to 15 seconds on all accounts.
    - Limit username length to 14 on registration, this is to help keep formatting alright.
    - Marked a number of things unregisterable for usernames. Special chars, email addresses, etc. Helps keep bugs with profile system away.
    - Increased albums per page to 25.
    - Set a minimum post of 1 to appear on Member List, to keep dormant spambots out of view.
    - Increased max poll options to 20.
    - Set to show subforums to regular forums on main page. example: Forum Games.
    - Turned off 'who has read a thread' option for privacy purposes.
    - Doubled max character count for private messages.
    - Tripled max private messages allowed to be stored per user.

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    Cool thanks for the updates. This forum is officially up to date!

    Version 1.5!

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