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Thread: Ps4 no sound

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    Ps4 no sound

    My PS4 has no sound at all the only thing that happens is I can see it on my tv

    Here's what didn't work
    1. Restore ps4 to factory settings
    2. Check for update
    3. Change hdmi cord
    4. Switch to different input

    Only thing that work was when I hooked it up to another tv.

    So once I see it work on another tv I figure it's my tv so now I check the tv my XBOX one works fine on it so does my cable I am noy sure why it don't play the audio sound sony don't either I called them twice already I do no that once I go to settings on the ps4 in resolution it says 480,720,1080i,1080p is unsupported I think that's is the problem I don't no why it says that when it workes before an the tv is 1080p


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