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    PS4 Turns On then Off

    Hey, new user here on the forums. A thing things to note that my PS4's warranty is gone, as I've had this PS4 for almost 2 years. The problem I'm having is that my PS4 would turn on and there would be a blue-white l light that stays on for 5 seconds before turning off. I noticed that during these 5 seconds there are no sounds coming from the PS4, only the clicking sounds from turning it on and it turning itself off.

    After the first time it does this, I try to turn it on again, but the second time nothing happens other than a beep sound. After this, the 3rd try it does what happens the first time, and it goes on in a cycle.

    I've searched online for solutions, but none of them would fit my own problem, as most of the people that needed a solution had a problem with their PS4 turning off immediately after turning it on, but that's not my case. Maybe it is but my PS4s light just lasts longer? Who knows, so I decided to post my own problem online, any help would be appreciated.

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