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    Post ps4 R2 trigger problem

    I do not know if this is the correct area or if this is the correct site to post this problem but here goes:

    So the R2 trigger on my ps4 controller is always pushed down

    The attached picture is my ps4 plugged into my computer. The 8 is highlighted to show that the R2 trigger is being pressed down and the Y rotation bar represents how much it is pressed down.
    The second picture is me physically pulling the r2 trigger away from controller to try and stop it from being pressed,

    So i have opened my ps4 controller, removed the back cover and when I do, the r2 trigger is no longer being pressed. and the ps4 controller works fine.
    when i put the back cover back on, the r2 trigger once again gets pushed down.

    So im assuming that the cover or something on the back covre is tight and is pushing down on the trigger when i put it back on, but I do not know what. I do not see any thing out of the ordinary as i compare the holes where the L2 and R2 triggers go. There isnt anything protruding out of the hole where R2 trigger is which may cause this issue

    If anyone knows how i can fix this let me know.
    I can put more pictures if needed.

    Screenshot 2015-11-29 00.40.42.jpgScreenshot 2015-11-29 00.50.30.jpg

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    I'd buy a new one if I were you. I know that's a pain but if you've taken it apart and nothing can be done, I'd say you have no other option.

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    take some oil very small amount and put it on the two pivot points where R2 connects to the controller, see if that helps first, if that doesnt then check the rubber piece behind the R2 trigger for break down if its worn badly it will press to easily and and will cause the issue your having, the oil is to just lubricate and help the trigger button release after the case is put on,if neither of those are the problems my guess would be something is wrong with the way it was put back together....ive been repairing and modding ps4 controllers for a while and have only seen this issue on really worn out controllers.

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