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    Question PS4 Stuck in Safe mode menu screen(Please help)

    So I got my PS4 today and I was playing Call of duty Ghosts when the PS4 froze. I shut it down and when I rebooted the console it was stuck on the Safe mode screen checking all the files. It was like this for a long period of time so I ended up having to shut it off. When I restarted the console I had the same issue. I've tried putting the console into the Safe Mode menu but when I do it will not let move through the options. Also when I plug in the controller to try and connect on the initial safe mode screen the controller shuts off. So the only way I can get the system into the menu is by having the controller plugged in and starting the consol through the PS button on the controller and holding it until it enters Safe mode. From that point I have the same issue as before in the Safe mode with it freezing. If someone could please give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.

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    sounds like your hard drive is toast like some other launch ps4's - prolly was a pre order launch one.
    Try the remove the hard drive trick you can find by googling or somewhere else on here.
    My blu ray drive went out on 11/22 and had to wait a week for a new one from sony so I feel you bro.,
    psn id scotto46... proud sponsor of PWii4U this gen...

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