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    Sony is just another MicroSoft!

    To all who have Playstation+plus membership's! SOMEONE FORWARD THIS TO SONY Of AMERICA

    I just bought a PS4 and the only reason I did is Because I'm a Star Wars fanatic! The BattleFront game looks awesome,anyway I used to play Battlefront on the PS2.
    And that was fun and GameSpy R.I.P. gave out a program for (FREE) that would ALLOW players to host their own server and lobbys maps,ect.
    Everything was FREE! Playing online at no charge was very cool..That's the way it's supposed to be!! Bad enough we have to buy the system, game, And your local internet provider.
    I have a PS3 and whoever has one can still play online "for FREE" And without the stinking PS+ plus membership!! Every ps3 game played online is at NO charge!
    There's even FREE full version games you could download at the PS store online..This is what separated SONY from MicroSoft!! It's called GREED!
    So now I purchased a PS4 to be able to play my beloved Star Wars BATTLEFRONT and to my horror I find out after shelling out $450 on the console and another $75 for the SW game!!
    I now have to fork over $49.99 for a 12 month PS + plus membership just to be able to play SW BF online!!
    That's upsured to me!! SONY has turned into a GREEDY MicroSoft CLONE!! Sony used to be consumer friendly by not charging the consumer a online fee calling it a Plus membership!! Unreal I'm pissed off cause I feel like I spent enough hard earned money!!
    Most of you don't give a (chit) about the cost because mommy or daddy will buy the Plus membership just to shut your damn brat mouths!And MicroSoft and now SONY knows this is true!!So now the GREEDY PIGS will make a fast buck or two or $49.99!! I want a refund now I need to return the PS4 and the PRE ORDER on the game too!!
    SONY Let me down and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way!! Good Grief!!
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    The only good thing they did is that they made monthly payments possible, instead of an annual subscription or a three-month subscription. I hate playing online anyway, too many idiots.

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