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    I am writing this because I am fairly disappointed with sony.
    Literally every single problem you can have with a ps4 has happened to my system. Spits out discs , blinking white and blue lights , random shutoffs , and now the unit won't even turn on. I bought this 400 dollar pile so that i wouldn't have the same problems pcs have. How i was wrong , why could i not get a machine that i could come home and turn on and game with without so many problems which quite possibly are all manufacture defects. Sadly my last course will be to purchase and replace the power source as a last resort. If this doesn't fix it then I'm just going to toss this brick and purchase an xbox, disgusting to say but i am pretty sure the thing will at least turn on, also i am fairly certain they won't attempt to charge me more money to fix problems that where created by them. If apple ever creates a gaming system to compete in the market sony will have to just quit because i am 100% positive that is will actually work.
    Actual losses to this ps4 scam , 400 unit, 400 dollars in games i can't play, 100 dollars in nice headwear for full effect i can't experience, and about 100 in internet network fees for services i again can't use.

    Thank you sony for teaching me about the value of my labor, by burning me out of my hard earned money.

    Have a pleasant day laughing your asses off

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    Sorry to hear all your problems but you do realize you have a 1 year warranty right?
    My buddy just bought one with and returned it with no problems at all ( first PS4 was a bit loud to his liking- second one is pretty silent)....not sure if all your problems are for real but you seem to think that the PS4 is a dud but you just got a bum unit ( if all you say is true) I'm still not sure why not just return it for a new one?

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    It might be a console from a bad batch. This happens with electronics. Another thing is that you cannot turn off your console via the button on the console itself; you must select "power options" from the menu, using your controller. If you "turn off" via the console button it actually puts it in rest mode, so if you did this and unplugged it, it could potentially cause damage.

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