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    Is the Holiday Pricing for an XbOne making you consider a purchase??

    Short & to the point for me is- YES

    In fact I pre-ordered & picked up Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Plus got Titanfall @ BestBuy for $20(with an additional 20% off) for price matching Amazon. I'm hoping the Misses gets me the CoD: Advanced Warfighter 1TB Edition from "Santa" Lmao
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    I already have one. Sunset Overdrive is the first game I've gotten that made me glad to have one. The PS4 still gets 90% of my play time.
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    recently i bought a xbox one its ok, but so far im finding i prefer to play the multiplat games on the ps4, i bought GTA V and Call of duty AW for both systems and while Call of Duty has less lag on the x1 it runs slightly smoother on the ps4, and GTA V looks better on the ps4 especially when your in a forested area of the game.

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