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Thread: PSN down yet again on the PS4

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    PSN down yet again on the PS4

    No way on Earth i'm renewing my PlayStation Plus subscription when it runs out in January 2015 what the monkeys i'm i paying 39.99 a year for for a network that doesn't work Destiny it keeps saying Destiny servers currently aren't available

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    first things first, if you see you have friends online then guess what its not PSN, its Destiny servers. I have been seeing the Destiny servers go down like crazy but PSN works fine, hell yesterday they went down on me in the middle of a strike, but i was able to play Madden Online with no issues so at that time it wasnt PSN. as far as i know PSN has only been down 2 times besides general maintenance since the ps4 has come out. Once was those asshats who attacked all the gameing companies and took down psn for the day and some services on Xbox, along with other major companies, and the other time was a power outage where they have thier servers. Destiny Servers are shaky at times. Lots of lag in the crucible where i punch a guy and it doesnt register then i die too. stupid **** like that.
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