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Thread: Is PS4 VR just around the corner?

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    Is PS4 VR just around the corner?

    Please be true.

    I was going to say imagine Outlast with VR, but then I remembered what the game is like and thought "Nope. I'm not going down that virtual hallway."
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    while i think the idea of VR is cool i just dont see it catching mainstream, i honestly dont want to wear a headset while i play games it was the same reason i didnt like 3d i didnt want to wear glasses.

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    I feel there is a market for anything, the vr headset can be successful embraced by console gamers. However, the factor that will determine whether it will be a successfully device will be the pricing of the headset. Secondly, the developers will have to provide solid titles that will make usage of the headset. Thirdly, since its based on the oculus rift technology I believe Sony will use it towards fps,survival horror,first person adventure, flight Sims and driving simulation and driving games. The PC community already have shown interest in the technology since the oculus rift is raised money via kickstarter. So I think the odds of the vr headsets comes down to can it pull off the a believable virtual experience.
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    Give it a few years. It will be like brushing teeth in the morning. A norm
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