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    VIDEO: Sony looks back at PSP, forward for PSVita

    In another one of its "Evolution of PlayStation" series, Sony has looked back at the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and covers its PSVita handheld.
    Having already made videos for the original PlayStation console (1995), the PlayStation 2 (2000) and the PlayStation 3 (2006), Sony has now reminisced about the PlayStation Portable, released starting in 2004.

    It touts the PSP's large screen (for a handheld) and its ability to deliver console quality gaming for a handheld device.

    As for the PSVita, it focuses more on its social integration and so forth, but clearly the PSVita is an unfinished story.

    Check it out.


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    Ah, good ol quick history lessen. Nostalgia is good...although it's not really that old.

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