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    Question about playstation plus

    I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not you can have multiple PSN users on two systems share PS plus. Say, my brother and I both have a PS3, can we share the same PS plus account and have our own PSN ID's?

    Basically I picked up an extra PS3 for $50 (80gb with a bad blu ray drive), and I would like for him to be able to use it, with my digital content. I do not know if this is even allowed but, I know you can have it on up to 4 devices.


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    having 2 or more usernames for playstation network is ok but the truth is when you have a psplus card you can only use it for one of your users otherwise you would have to purchase a lot of psplus cards for each username you have so my suggestion go for a year of psplus and redeem it on one user and after it expires try it and see if it will work on another user if not by another psplus card
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