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    Good Games for prior consoles that left too soon, orfaded int obscurity

    This thread is to talk about games that were on prior consoles that you remember that didn't seem to go anywhere despite their having what you were sure what was needed to go on. Also this is here because I couldn't find a more suitable section on the forums, and it didn't seem anyone really devoted that much to talking about this sort of thing.

    I'm going to start off by talking about Geist. Geist was a game for the Game Cube that had a solid first person and decent multiplayer system. In the game was a first person shooter with a twist, you played a spirit with the power to possess almost anything, if you wanted a new weapon or tool you had to possess someone or something that had what you wanted or needed. It just wasn't posses the guy you want and run around a badass the rest of the game, you could come close to that in multiplayer. They spent time on a system that made it so you had to work on getting a new a possession, living beings like animals and people had to be frightened to a certain point before you could possess them, you could possess inanimate objects with next to no effort though. Also, if you remained outside a host, living or non, for too long you effectively died. The first person mode also had a pretty engaging story, and final boss battle was unique in its approach. The story of the game was you were someone sent to investigate some mysterious circumstances and early on in the game you had to effectively find out what happened to your body. The final boss of the game is found to be possessing your original body, and you literally swap bodies with him half through the encounter. The multiplayer also had some rather amusing unlockable characters, the two most memorable being a chef who fought by throwing plates at everyone and a "Towel Girl" who literally went around in nothing but a towel and fought everyone by whipping them with towel. All in all my brother and I really liked the game and thought it would effectively get a sequel, but it never happened for some reason. Instead the game seems to have faded into obscurity, which is a shame. If the game was revived, and maybe given a sequel, on another console (like the ps4) it might see some new life and get the attention it deserves, maybe with some extra features to help take advantage it's now on a more powerful platform than its original run had.

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    I played something on Nintendo 64 called Chameleon Twist, it seemed pretty cool when I was 12. The concept is that it's a little kiddies game in which your character uses its tongue to grab enemies, and to navigate the environment (look up Chameleon Twist Desert Castle to see a cool level). There was also a racing game called Rush. Now I'm sure both of those games are terrible but they were cool when I played them 15 years ago! There was an ad on New Zealand television in which you could hear "CHECKPOINT" and it was the voice from the game, so I assume it was widely known. On PC I remember the demo version of RC Revolt, in which you drive an RC car through a neighbourhood, avoiding things like lawn sprinklers and bouncing basket balls. There was another weird game on PC which I only played the demo for, in this game you raced cars that had weapons attached. No, not Vigilante 8, it was something else. A racing game with weapons. Racing games were way cool back in the 1990s, now the goal of racing games is to be realistic *yawn*

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