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    I want to join PS4 Ship, Selling my Wii U :)

    Hello Guys I am selling my Wii U for European customers. It has 8 retail games plus some indies. I NEED MONEY FOR PS4, so if someone with money need a Wii U this is an excellent opportunity

    Here are the games: (Starting bid is 200 GBP + 15 GBP shipping to Europe)
    ebay item number: 251388021450 (just paste this number in search)

    Pikmin 3
    New Super Mario Brothers U
    Zelda Wind Waker HD
    Need for Speed Most wanted U
    Call of duty black ops 2
    nba 2k13
    sega all star racing transformed
    Darksiders 2
    Trine 2
    Bit Trip 2
    Art Academy

    Auction lasts 2 more days

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    Huh, you sure you wanna sell it...
    There are crap loads more games coming, no, actually, way more than you think.
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    Wish I could help ya, but I already have one! Best of luck to ya!

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