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    Post The Killer Feature of PS5

    While the PS4 is clearly just hitting it's full stride and has no signs of slowing down, it's always fun to think about the future. So with that in mind, let's talk PlayStation 5, Sony's next home console.

    With Sony's next foray into the home console market, it's clear that they will have to do something to maintain the enormous market lead that they have currently. The PS5 will need to have something special to garner the attention of millions of gamers.

    So what killer feature do you hope to see in PS5?

    Personally I'm hoping to see more ultra-realistic gameplay, I'm talking full 4K/60fps support among most games with Sony being even more invested in the VR space.

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    Hey, Max!

    And yeah, even better graphics would be the most obvious direction they can go, provided there will be adequate tools and whatnot to ensure developers can cash in on the improvements with little fuss.

    But they need to address the storage problems the stock PS4 has. Bigger hard drive (which would be fairly easy), or a better optical drive...

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